Manual The British Army 1660-1704 (Men-at-Arms, Volume 267)

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Beautiful colour ill, maps, plans, orbats. Everything you need.

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  • MAA 267 The British Army 1660–1704.

Excellent survey of the course of the war. Vol I p.

Colonial American Troops 1610–1774 (2)

Vol II Reprint of good, readable general biog. Instructions on all aspects of warfare. Invaluable to all wargamers!!! English Text. A5 32p.

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Italian text, caption in English. Scenarios of all levels inc. LF inc col photos. Each approx 60p. We stock all in print Osprey titles and many Out of Print titles. If there are any you need to complete your collection why not send us a Wants List and we'll see what we can do. Largely C18th. The French era in Canada p. Well ill. Fort Niagara was an important outpost during the F-I Wars. Fort played a major role in C18th American military actions. History of the five early rebellions against English rule. LF 76p. Well illus. Covers 50N to N W to W.

Superb and useful facsimile set, assembling to 92' x 94'. Facsimile of Written in Fort Niagara.

Rare French memoirs of the F-I Wars. Most famous account. Author was Major-General in the Patriot Army. Largely campaigns.


Military (British)

New colour Platyed. Osprey Inc. French troops in India and other colonies. Very Well ill.

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Biog of John Paul Jones. V Well Ill. Other volumes available. These wars include a defeat worse than that at Little Big Horn. Facsimile of ed. Maps Three accounts from the American side. Coversuntil after New Orleans. Command; Shipbuilding, Propaganda, Irquois warfare.

Excellent detail. Also for larger F-I games. Large historical commentary by Duffy; A superb production. GDW No longer with us, but their rules live on!! Large format Brigade level rules. Latest in File Leader series. Includes scenarios. If we do not have the card you want in stock, we will open up to 6 packs to try to. About figures a side. Games in less than 2 hours. Plus rules for larger scale games. As it says! Highly recommended. New Ed. Vital new study. Vignettes from Wellington down through the ranks. Large format illus. V well il French text. New edition on the death of Napoleon.

His family lived in Portugal under French occupation. Out of the ordinary. Covers 6 main battles Many details for wargamers. Limited edition reprint. LF Full Col ill. Large format. Life of Gen Berthier. Contemporary account. LF well ill in col. Battles of. Many fiction writers have been inspired by his exploits. Hundreds of ill. Only memoir from the ranks. Valuable source for Peninsula details. Dickson was Wellington's General of artillery.

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New account of the campaign. LF Extracts from his full series. Full colour uniform plates. Very atractive volume. A Becke. Includes reprint of D'Urbans account of the camapign. Post Free to Subscribers of Age of Napoleon. Served from Very large format.

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Italian Text. Very Highly Recommended. Reprint of this essential work. Hbk Facsimile reprint. Large format military study.

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Lots of pics, maps etc. Spain p.